What can we do (save the forum)

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What can we do (save the forum)

Post by JasonM on Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:18 pm

When Donmillerfans.net died it was as if our stomach was cut.

We didn't die. But we are bleeding out. I know myself (Bad Self) has been an unfaithfull Follower of THe Forum.

So Now buddy Don has his blog. He is sitll with comments remaining. Our Founder Geoff. GEOFFF where are you! morris seems to be into new things.

The history of internet is changing. I remember when Chat was the rage. Then it was AOL IM. Maybe message boards are on their way out. But I still need a place to vent, encourage, talk to and waste time online without my great aunt or sister or mother peeking in on me.

So 1st things 1t.

Post. Post. And Post some more
Share your posts FBook, Twitter. (the big boys on the block)
pray DFM ends comments on his blog. LOL the dfmloonies will come. If Don denys them they will come Smile

not sure if it will ever return to its glory.

But maybe it will become something fresh again.




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Re: What can we do (save the forum)

Post by Pete on Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:44 pm

I agree we need to do something. It has been a year since we have had consistent posts. I believe most of us use our phones for most of our internet use, well at least me and the mobile site for the forum leaves much to be desired and has been one reason I haven't come here as often.

I miss everyone terribly, so what are some ideas and options we have? Do we create a Facebook page? The thought has recently occurred to me. Or do we try and make a commitment to coming here again and breath some life back into the place?


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Re: What can we do (save the forum)

Post by dave on Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:32 pm

Yeah, the mobile site for this forum doesn't really work on my phone (which is super slow to begin with). FB group might be a way to go.

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Re: What can we do (save the forum)

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