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Post by JasonM on Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:12 pm

The other day i remembered. Hey you used to be part of an online community, before facebook. We had great talks, meetups, arguments, gifts were sent, names were called, all under the guise of being fans of don miller. FFW 4 years. I'm still here, the other day I said to myself whatever happend to the DMFr's Not really sure.

If this forum is dead shall I create a facebok group?

I turned 35 the other day. I read blue like jazz what seems 10 years ago. Not even sure if donald miller is still the pipe smoking van driving guy I remember him as.

BUT DM will always be that to me.
So maybe i'll just post randomly by myself. It feels like a bomb wen't off and I'm here lurking in the ruins.

DM has a new book planned. I didn't read storyline, Heck I don't even remember the last DM book I read. Its been a while.


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